If you like to share the best of the web with your friends -- but only your friends -- and have meaningful conversations about things you care about with people you care about, Team.Surf is for you.

Team.Surf is crowd-sourced, without the crowd.

Team.Surf is a place where you and your friends enjoy the best of the web together! You create friends-only spaces to share links and digests of anything on the web and talk about it. As your friends surf, share, comment, rate and add to your topics, you'll get notifications so you can stay in touch with your friends throughout the day.

Start Team.Surfing!

You can build Topics about anything on the web, or browse ideas we've created to start you off. Browse through categories, search, or see what's popular. You can participate in any 'public topics' you find, or 'go private' to share with just your friends. Download the app and widget for an even faster experience.

Do I need to create an account?

You can comment, like, and share without going through a registration process -- we even give you funny guest ids like Springy Tiger to use during your Team.Surf session. When you share topics with friends, we'll ask for your email or phone so your friends know who sent it to them. If you want to reserve a screen name, or manage your list of friends, you can create a profile and secure it with a password or your social media login. Team.Surf is free to use, and we don't share your info (see our Privacy Policy for details.)

What are topics and collections?

Topics are collections of things you want to talk about. For instance, "Hilarious Cat Videos", "My Vacation Pix," or "Best Companies to Work for." Within your topic, you'll link to anything on the web that pertains to that topic (articles, videos, posts, music, images or even pictures from your phone.) It's like a playlist of ideas. You can share out the entire topic in one click to your friends, using Facebook, email or text. Team.Surf is about surfing with your team of friends

So a collection is just a bunch of topics?

Topics contains entries (which are links to things in the web) but also contains what you and your friends think about them; you can like or comment on anything, and add more entries to topics you love.

What's a Private Topic?

Private Topics are only seen by the people you choose to share with. It's great for having conversations with just your friends. (Public topics, on the other hand, are seen by everyone on Team.Surf.) You can browse public topics, find something you like and 'Go Private' to surf with just your real-world friends' Team.

What should I Share?

It's your Internet, share what you want. Plan a party, post those pictures of your beloved kitty, or even talk about the latest news -- all within the privacy of your 'surfing team' friends. Team.Surf currently supports Youtube videos, most urls, and photo uploads. You can share to other Team.Surf members, or share out via SMS, email or to your favorite social network!

Cool. How do I get started?

Click the little pencil icon in the top left hand corner to get started and follow the step by step instructions. When you’re all set, share your collection with your friends so they can join the conversation.

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